Updated: June 2022 

As of May 6, 2022, people in PEI are no longer required to wear masks in workplaces or indoor public places, (with the exception of certain high-risk settings). However, masks are still strongly recommended in indoor public places.

Workplaces and indoor public place operators can continue to require mask wearing of their employees and visitors.  Reasonable accommodations should continue to be offered to people who can not wear a mask due to disability related reasons.

Please click on this link for further information.

Wearing Masks in the Community and Workplaces - Government of Prince Edward Island

 What is the role of the Human Rights Commission?
Is there protection under the  Human Rights Act  for people who choose not to wear a mask?
If I have a disability, can I refuse to wear a mask?
If there is a religious reason for me not wearing a mask, how would I show that?
If I am unable to wear a mask due to a disability or religious belief, can I always insist on entering a public space without being vaccinated?

If you have further questions about your situation, you may call to discuss with Commission staff; however, please remember that the role of the Commission is limited to the mandate set out in the PEI Human Rights Act and we do not have the authority to challenge government decisions unless those decisions are related to a ground covered by the Act.

Additional information regarding the areas and grounds covered by the Human Rights Commission, as well as the Duty to Accommodate to the Point of Undue Hardship can be found by clicking the associated links.

The Commission develops FAQ's to provide the public with a basic understanding of issues arising under the Human Rights Act.  This is not legal advice.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Commission at 902-368-4180 or by emailing contact@peihumanrights.ca

Please treat each other and the staff at the Commission with respect.